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Dentacoin is the first Blockchain based informatics system to make its way into the dental community. Is it actually useful?

Meltdown and Sepctre are a codename for various vulnerabilities of basically every Intel processor, which allows a malicious attacker to gain unrestricted access to the computer's memory, so every copy/paste command, every keyboard stroke, etc.

Everyone is concerned about passwords, and medical data might be even worse!
Cablaggio Studio Magni
Ancora cablaggi nello Studio Ortodonzia Magni!
Orzo soia macchiato caffè

Una invenzione che ho fatto io, o qualcuno lo ha già provato?

Everyone is talking about Net Neutrality today, because the Trump administration wants to eliminate this Title II stuff that was apparently added during the Obama administration in 2014. My personal thoughts are these:
Global IDs are on their way!
Check out this Ethereum project: so imagine a future where instead of having username and passwords for every single service we use, we only use one. "That already exists!" you might think. Indeed today you can log into many sites using Google or Facebook credentials. But that's Google or Facebook! It's not something "of the people". Here we are talking about an ID which is of the people, by the people for the people completely decentralized. Open to anyone. Anyone can create their own unique ID and have their own rights to it on this system. It's called uPort. Yeah, i know, it's still in alpha, you can't really create your ID yet.

While this might not become the ultimate ID system used by government agencies (even though technically it could) and all the rest, it's certainly a first step in the right direction.

Blockchain as Our Future

In case you still have not understood how much of a game changing technology blockchains can be, this article from the World Government Summit gives a pretty good picture.

why is this article cool?

It's super cool, because humanity now has a way to solve the big messy global transition from paper to electronics in an interoperable, functional and scalable way! And this article will give you example of exactly how this can become true and how game changing it will be from a technical, medical and governmental perspective.

So just the other day a friend in the USA asked me what Italians thought of Trump being the new POTUS. And i realized i didn't really have a clear picture, so i decided to ask a bunch of friends. And here's a collection of what i got back.
KeyBank: Trust Lost
KeyBank is not able to keep me as a customer after having effectively taken money away against my will. In October i went to a KeyBank branch, i wanted to move some money out of the savings account. I remembered i might have had a limit as to how much money had to be in the account before it got charged, so i asked the clerk to verify before i transferred money out of the account. The clerk confirmed that there would be no service charge or fee for any lower limit in the account,…
Somebody just wrote that to me, after i had done something they apparently liked, and my mind started thinking again.
Bello SPID, bella idea. Meno male che BancoPosta non ha ancora disabilitato il login normale: ho creato l'account nuovo, ma con SPID non riesco ad entrare. Ho una connessione scarsa, comunque con nome utente e password tradizionali BancoPosta sono riuscito ad entrare, con SPID no. Continuate a lavorarci su.

Texts from the Russian on Events in the Ukraine Advertisements
Why does iPhone ask for confirmation to turn Location Services off?
Update: Coincidentally, a few weeks after i posted this entry, the new update of iOS removed this behaviour. Have you ever noticed? To turn off Location Services, there is this BIG RED button, (which is rarely used throughout the iPhone, maybe just for those critical things, like reset the iPhone to factory settings) asking for confirmation, […]
Not Guilty
Ads like these could be illegal, in my opinion. Not only for the content of the ad per se, also for promoting anti-ethical behavior: it’s a message saying “it’s ok not to be ethical, you can do it too, and you won’t suffer from negative consequences”. The same message comes across by the fact that […]
Visto in inglese in 3D  in Stati Uniti, suggerito da varie persone qui, tutte ne hanno parlato molto bene. Durante il film ero sicuramente molto teso e molto coinvolto: il film non è carente di suspence. A fine film sono rimasto un po’ deluso dalla storia, in quanto me lo aspettavo più profonda, con più […]
JTAG Flashing a CM5000
JTAG Flashing via unbuffered Xilinx DLC5 Cable III a CM5000 processor
From “Everyday we throw away millions of electronic devices, because they get old and become worn out. But usually it’s only one of the components that causes the problem. The rest of the device works fine but is needlessly thrown away. Simple because electronic devices are not designed to last. This makes electronic waste […]
Eben Bayer: i funghi sono la nuova plastica?
Filmato in inglese con sottotitoli in italiano. Eben Bayer: i funghi sono la nuova plastica?
Eu considero comunicações de Multiplus Fidelidade SPAM
Embora os emails que recebo do endereço Multiplus <> de promoções tenhas o link “Se você não deseja mais receber nossos e-mails, cancele sua inscrição aqui.”, clicando por aí, chego em um site bonitinho que me da a possibilidade de cancelar a minha inscrição. Tudo beleza. Detalhe: já cancelei umas 6-7 vezes e continuo recebendo… Multiplus […]
Why do banks limit Statement history? Perché c’è un limite di Estratti Conto online?
I have a PayPal account, and when i go in the Statements section, they only have a history of the past 3 months of Statements, forcing me to download them. I have noticed several such limitation with accounts i have with other banks. Maybe not 3 months, but 2 years, or 3 years. In the […]
Things about Apple products i dislike after Jobs’ passing
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